Back Together and It Feels So Good

I remember my first interaction with Austin Cosmo Rotary like it was yesterday….

I stepped into the Clay Pit to be met with smiles, handshakes, and warm introductions. From my first meeting on out, I’d always look forward to Thursdays to connect with community-minded people, learn how I could make an impact, and the laughter, stories (and great food!)  

While the camaraderie of Austin Cosmo could not be thwarted by COVID lockdown – and we continued meeting weekly on Zoom –  I think it’s safe to say we all missed that ‘in-person feeling’. 

I’m excited to share that we’re back at our beloved Clay Pit for weekly meetings and will offer a hybrid option from here on out for those who’d like to still join us virtually, on Zoom. 

While lockdown changed many things, it encouraged innovation and improvements. For us, having both an in-person and virtual option will allow our club to be more accessible than ever before. 

Whether you join us in-person or virtually, we are committed to ensuring an engaging experience, and the same things you know and love about our club will grow stronger: connection, community, and service. The board is currently exploring more experiences (outside of our regular meeting time) for us to connect, too. 

Make sure to check our calendar regularly for upcoming programs, service projects and fellowship opportunities. 

It’s an honor and joy to be a Rotarian alongside you! We can’t wait to see you soon (hopefully, tomorrow!). Cheers to many more wonderful things to come. 

Lalaina Rabary
President, Austin Cosmo Rotary