Harold Zavarce

He/Him - Membership Chair

Brief info

Over the past two decades, Harold has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability as a serial entrepreneur, learning from setbacks to forge ahead with determination. 

Alongside building businesses, he's become a trusted coach, guiding individuals through transitions—particularly into tech careers—with empathy drawn from his challenges.

In the tech realm, Harold has led engineering teams and nurtured startups, fostering innovation with a collaborative approach. Beyond work, his love for nature, exploration, and cultural discovery reflects his thirst for continuous learning and personal growth.

Harold's dedication is reflected in his Rotary journey, as a Rotarian and volunteer, predating his move to the U.S. He currently serves as the membership chair for the Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club (ACRC), reflecting his long-standing commitment to giving back. 

His journey embodies perseverance, humility, and a relentless drive for personal and societal advancement, illustrating a life dedicated to excellence and service.