EarlyAct FirstKnight, Pecan Springs Elementary School

In partnership with Austin University Area Rotary Club, and thanks to the generous DAP Grant, we provide financial support for the Pecan Spring Elementary’s EarlyAct FirstKnight (EAFK) program. EAFK is a daily Social Emotional Learning/Character-Building program for elementary and middle school students which culminates every six weeks with a knighting ceremony where children are recognized for their exemplary character.

Austin Cosmo Rotary members participate in knighting ceremonies and provide a helping hand at the school with miscellaneous projects (science fair, book fair, school supplies drive, etc…) We remain dedicated to Pecan Springs Elementary School to ensure all children can have a bright future.

Join us at the upcoming knight ceremony. And, make sure to bring your tissues because they’re touching.

For additional information on this project please reach out to us at:  service@austincrc.org