Haidar Khazen

He/Him - Director at Large

Brief info

Haidar is a founder and current member of the Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, and has served on the board every year except one since its charter in 2007, including a year as president. Haidar's path to Rotary started while sitting down with a good friend and learning about Rotary's world wide peace initiatives. Intrigued by Rotary's mission to foster global peace and understanding, especially being from Lebanon, a very unstable part of the world, Haidar delved deeper into the organization's values and principles. Inspired by the idea of making a positive impact on the world, Haidar worked closely with like-minded individuals who shared his vision to establish a new club. Rotary has played a pivotal role in facilitating Haidar's connection with a diverse array of individuals, fostering collaboration on meaningful projects that have brought about profound and lasting effects in the communities they serve. Haidar has maintained his connection to Rotary understanding that Rotary as more than just a club; to him, it is a global organization that serves as a powerful force for good, connecting people worldwide in pursuit of positive impact.

An accomplished technology entrepreneur and executive with deep experience creating innovate technology solutions for a variety of industries, Haidar has an extensive history of developing and growing successful IT companies. As founder of Austin, Texas-based GalleryWatch in 1996, Haidar saw the need to make the massive amount of data generated by the Texas legislature easily accessible to users who would be affected by upcoming changes. GalleryWatch was the first web-based legislative tracking system in the country and its success at the state-level prompted the opening of a Washington, DC, office and the expansion into the federal legislative market. One of only six Austin-founded “dot-coms” to survive the high-tech bubble burst in 2001, GalleryWatch reached peak revenues in 2006 before its successful sale to the London-based Economist Group.

Other ventures of which Haidar's been a part have included the founding of GeoCel International, a software-design company focused on the development and integration of high-end email applications, and Advanced Legal Technologies, a web-design and IT consulting company for the legal field. More recently, Haidar co-founded and sold his stake in MedtoMarket, a medical startup specializing in providing bioskills lab services to device manufacturers. More recently, Haidar has worked in startups involving crypto currencies.

Haidar is a 1991 graduate of the University of Texas with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has served on the boards of multiple businesses and civic organizations.