Latrines for Kenyan Primary Schools


The Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club is excited to embark on our next Global Grant through The Rotary Foundation. We have partnered again with the RC of Naivasha, Kenya and several clubs in the district to provide new latrine blocks to six to eight Kenyan primary schools. These schools have inadequate sanitation facilities and in some cases, the schools are in jeopardy of closing since their latrines do not meet government guidelines. In addition, the lack of adequate toilet facilities contributes to illness and open defecation, girls missing schools once they reach puberty and can prohibit a school from admitting additional students as the pupil population increases in the town.The Kenyan government doesn’t provide enough funding for schools to build adequate facilities. The Nobelity Project, based in Austin, is also a partner for this grant.


Grant was submitted to The Rotary Foundation and is under review.