EarlyAct First Knight

EarlyAct FirstKnight® (or EAFK) is a groundbreaking character education program for elementary and middle schools from Knights of The Guild. Sponsored by Rotary Clubs, EAFK motivates and teaches children of all backgrounds to become civil, service-oriented people during their most formative years. EAFK is themed around history’s champions of chivalry – role models who lived by personal codes of high ethical standards and performed extraordinary deeds of service to humanity.

EAFK combines proprietary elements, such as year-round campus visits by historic heroes in full period regalia; live reenactment shows on campus featuring real warhorses; student mentorship by local community leaders; regularly updated digital curriculum with a vast selection of teacher-friendly lesson plans to choose from; spectacular school-wide student reward events; parent education; and faculty training to take character education to an entirely new level of excellence with guaranteed results.

ACRC sponsors the EAFK program at Pecan Springs Elementary. Together with the University Rotary Club, we provide 100% financial support for the program and volunteer at the Knighting Ceremonies at the end of each six week grading period. EAFK has provided us with a way to be involved with elementary aged students on a regular basis and really witness the difference this character education program is making on the individual students, and the school as a whole.