Clean Water in Kenya

ACRC has worked over the last 4 years to provide clean water to communities in Kenya. Our involvement began through a partnership with Well Aware, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in 2006 to provide life-saving water for those who have none. The water systems that Well Aware has constructed will service tens of thousands of people for their lifetimes. After fully assessing each area, Well Aware determines the most practical and lasting solution, which will be a water well (borehole or hand-dug), rain water collection system or pipeline from a nearby natural spring.

ACRC has participated in Well Aware’s annual Shower Strike for the last three years, raising a combined total of nearly $30,000!

We are well aware that our responsibility to the communities in which we work goes far beyond the drilling of a hole. Over 60% of existing water wells in Kenya are currently not working due to NGO neglect. Our project planning and budgeting includes lifetime technical support, community oversight and development consultation. In the event that Well Aware is to ever dissolve, funds for these purposes will be placed in trust for each community.

We are focusing on more impactful projects in conjunction with representatives of other local nonprofits also working in Kenya with expertise in additional community needs, so that we can make real and lasting changes in the areas we work. After we have provided water, we will implement training and aid in education, health and sanitation, community development and job training and placement.