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By Allyn J. Thompson

A publication that has been used with nice good fortune by way of numerous beginner astronomers, this quantity provides whole and designated directions and diverse diagrams exhibiting how you can build a home made telescope. No complex arithmetic are concerned, and no previous wisdom of optics or astronomy is required to keep on with the text's step by step instructions, which additionally supply guideline within the basics of useful optics.Contents: 1. tale of the Telescope. 2. fabrics and gear. three. replicate Grinding. four. The Pitch Lap. five. Polishing-Testing-Correcting. 6. The Paraboloid. 7. The Diagonal. eight. Tube Parts-Alignment-The Finder. nine. Eyepieces and comparable difficulties. 10. The Mounting. eleven. Aluminizing and cleansing. 12. surroundings Circles-Equatorial Adjustment. thirteen. Optical Principles-Atmosphere-Magnitudes. 14. A moment Telescope. Appendixes. Index.

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