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By James Rollins

The Rand clinical excursion entered the luxurious barren region of the Amazon and not lower back. Years later, considered one of its participants has stumbled out of the world's so much inhospitable rainforest--a former certain Forces soldier, scarred, mutilated, terrified, and mere hours from dying, who went in with one arm lacking . . . and got here out with either intact.

not able to realize this inexplicable occasion, the govt. sends Nathan Rand into this impenetrable mystery international of undreamed-of perils, to stick to the path of his vanished father . . . towards mysteries that has to be solved at any rate. however the nightmare that's looking forward to Nate and his staff of scientists and pro U.S. Rangers dwarfs any threat they expected . . . an old, unstated terror--a energy past human imagining--that can eternally adjust the area past the darkish, deadly confines of . . .

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The pudgy nurse led the way in which, conserving the door broad for the stretcher. Kelly O’Brien rushed along the lady because the males swung the stretcher towards one of many 4 beds within the tiny emergency ward. Snatching a couple of surgical gloves, the tall health professional barked to the nurse, “I want ten milligrams of diazepam! ” The nurse nodded and dashed to a drug cupboard. In seconds, a syringe of amber-colored fluid used to be slapped into Kelly’s gloved hand. The health care professional already had a rubber tourniquet in position. “Hold her down,” she ordered Nate and Takaho. through now, a nurse and a wide orderly had arrived because the quiet health center woke up to the emergency. “Get prepared with an IV line and a bag of LRS,” Kelly acknowledged sharply. Her palms palpated a good vein within the girl’s skinny arm. With seen competence, Kelly inserted the needle and slowly injected the drug. “It’s Valium,” she stated as she labored. “It should still calm the seizure lengthy adequate to determine what’s improper along with her. ” Her phrases proved immediately real. Tama’s convulsions calmed. Her limbs stopped thrashing and cozy to the mattress. simply her eyelids and the nook of her lips nonetheless twitched. Kelly used to be reading her students with a penlight. The orderly nudged Nate apart as he labored on Tama’s different arm, getting ready a catheter and IV line. Nate glanced over the orderly’s shoulder and observed the terror and panic in her father’s eyes. “What occurred to her? ” the general practitioner requested as she endured reading the woman. Nathan defined the assault. “She’s been slipping out and in of realization more often than not. The village shaman used to be in a position to revive her for a little while. ” “She’s sustained a couple of cracked ribs and linked hematomas, yet I can’t account for the seizure or stupor. Did she have any seizures en direction right here? ” “No. ” “Any familial historical past of epilepsy? ” Nate became to Takaho and repeated the query in Yanomamo. Takaho nodded. “Ah-de-me-nah gunti. ” Nate frowned. “What did he say? ” Kelly requested. “Ah-de-me-nah skill electrical eel. Gunti is disorder or disease. ” “Electric eel illness? ” Nate nodded. “That’s what he stated. however it is senseless. A sufferer of an electrical eel assault will usually convulse, yet it’s an instantaneous response. And Tama hasn’t been in any water for hours. I don’t know…maybe ‘electric eel disorder’ is the Yanomamo time period for epilepsy. ” “Has she been taken care of for it? On drugs? ” Nate acquired the reply from Takaho. “The village shaman has been treating her as soon as every week with the smoke of the hempweed vine. ” Kelly sighed in exasperation. “So in different phrases, she’s been unmedicated. No ask yourself the tension of the close to drowning brought on one of these critical assault. Why don’t you are taking her father out to the ready room? I’ll see if i will be able to get those seizures to stop with enhanced meds. ” Nate glanced to the mattress. Tama’s shape lay quiet. “Do you think that she’ll have extra? ” Kelly glanced into his eyes. “She’s nonetheless having them. ” She pointed to the continual facial twitches. “She’s in prestige epilepticus, a continuing seizure. so much sufferers that suffer from such lengthy assaults will seem stuporous, moaning, uncoordinated.

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