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By Ian Ridpath

The revised moment variation of this confirmed dictionary includes over 4,300 updated entries on all elements of astronomy. Compiled with assistance from thirty-four specialist participants less than the editorship of popular writer Ian Ridpath, the publication covers every thing from house exploration and the apparatus concerned, to astrophysics, cosmology, and the idea that of time--plus biographical entries on eminent astronomers and around the world assurance of observatories and telescopes. The appendices contain tables of Apollo lunar touchdown missions, the constellations, and a desk of planetary information. The entries were totally revised and up-to-date and fifty new entries were extra. The content material is stronger through internet hyperlinks that are on a regular basis up to date on a better half website.

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Among those extremes, galaxies seem to be clustered in structures of various density. The densest Abell clusters are held jointly through their very own self-gravity. Such wealthy clusters are choked with X-ray emitting gasoline, at temperatures of as much as 108 okay, and have a tendency to have mammoth elliptical galaxies at their centre. the fewer wealthy and extra prolonged structures will not be sure through gravity. See additionally LARGE-SCALE constitution. cluster variable See RR LYRAE big name. CM relation Abbr. for *colour-magnitude relation. CME Abbr. for *coronal mass ejection. CN band An absorption function in a star's spectrum end result of the cyanogen molecule, CN, that is in general noticeable in cool, late-type stars, specifically in pink giants. CN cycle Abbr. for *carbon-nitrogen cycle. CNO cycle Abbr. for carbon-nitrogen-oxygen cycle (see CARBON-NITROGEN CYCLE). CN big name a huge famous person of spectral variety G or ok that has abnormally robust cyanogen (CN) absorption bands in its spectrum. file:///E|/Unposted/Netlib/A%20Dictionary%20of%20Ast... 192115960/nlReader. dll@BookID=18322&FileName=88. html (1 of two) [9/29/2007 7:48:13 PM] Document Coalsack A conspicuous darkish nebula within the constellation Crux, simply seen to the bare eye as a depressing patch opposed to the brighter history of the Milky approach. It lies approximately six hundred l. y. away and covers approximately 7° × five° of sky. Its precise diameter is set 60 l. y. , and its mass is ready 3500 sunlight plenty. An open cluster, the *Jewel field, is noticeable subsequent to the Coalsack, yet is admittedly way more far-off. The Northern Coalsack is one other identify for a part of the *Great Rift. coaltitude one other identify for *zenith distance. COAST Abbr. for *Cambridge Optical Aperture Synthesis Telescope. Coathanger a celebrity cluster within the constellation Vulpecula, sometimes called *Brocchi's Cluster or Collinder 399. It comprises a gaggle of ten stars of fifth, sixth, and seventh magnitudes that shape a form like a coathanger. it's not transparent no matter if all file:///E|/Unposted/Netlib/A%20Dictionary%20of%20Ast... 192115960/nlReader. dll@BookID=18322&FileName=88. html (2 of two) [9/29/2007 7:48:13 PM] Document web page 89 the celebs are on the related distance or even if a few lie within the comparable line of sight by accident. COBE Abbr. for *Cosmic historical past Explorer. Cocoon Nebula The diffuse nebula IC 5146 in Cygnus, a fancy of sunshine and darkish nebulosity surrounding a sparse cluster with a 10th-magnitude big name. cocoon celebrity a celebrity surrounded by means of a dense cloud of gasoline and dirt which absorbs a number of the star's radiant strength and re-emits it at infrared wavelengths. In severe instances the celebrity can be thoroughly obscured optically, leaving purely an infrared resource. *OH-IR resources are examples of cocoon stars. CoD Abbr. for *Córdoba Durchmusterung. coded masks a mode of recording a picture of the sky at excessive X-ray and gamma-ray energies the place reflecting telescopes are not able to function. A patterned masks just like a crossword grid is used to forged a shadow of the celestial X-ray or gamma-ray emission directly to a detector. From the shadow, a picture will be reconstructed in a working laptop or computer through the method of *deconvolution.

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